Who We Are

Vignette Books is based in Austin, Texas.

One of our founders spent years working in the book industry and is known for their excellent taste in books of every genre and the other is a former lit major who loves books and failed upwards into a career in marketing which they have since abandoned.

As for our boxes of choice, one of our founders is definitely The Strange, and the other one is The Romantic, but they both identify as Hot Girl risings. 

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Our Return Policy

What is your return policy? 

We do not accept returns. Not knowing what you’re getting is the whole thing and it's a bit of a risk, granted, but with a high reward potential. 

Okay, but what happens if I get a book I don’t like or already own? 

Part of the fun of shopping with us is the joy of the unexpected.

With that, there may be times where you receive a book you already own or otherwise don’t want. If it's a book you already own and love, we encourage you to share with a friend or loved one.

If it's a book you feel a burning hatred for for a specific reason, we invite you to email us at admin@vignettebooks.com and let us know why you dislike that particular book.

If you send us a three-paragraph essay outlining your displeasure and allow us to post it on social media (of course leaving out any specific identifying factors such as last name) we will refund you the value of said book as store credit, or if we really love your essay we might send you a replacement book, though we reserve the right to refuse this option if we feel it isn't being used in good faith.

We do love a good airing of grievances, though.

Frequently Asked Questions

How used is used and vintage? 

We keep an eye out for books that are still in good condition with their covers in place and no pages missing, but you might get things such as scuffed covers, ex-library editions, or pages with highlighting. Its part of the fun, okay?

How do you make sure you’re showcasing diverse voices in the boxes? 

We are contending with about 250 years of white men being the primary published voices, that said, we make a conscious effort to source books written by people from all walks of life with different perspectives and identities. 

How do you pick the books?

Blood, sweat, and tears, baby. We take real joy in saving books from the landfill, and most of the books we source likely would have otherwise ended up there.

Everything we pick is something we would personally read, have read, or would give a friend. Our goal is to send you books you maybe wouldn’t otherwise have found, but will love for a long time. 

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Since we're a small team, we typically send out orders two times a week, so it varies depending on what day of the week you place your order and how far away you are from us.

Need something else?

Drop us a line at admin@vignettebooks.com and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. We're a small team with occassional mental health issues, but we'll always try to get back to you within a couple of business days at most.